Generosity Welcome

November 1st, 2019

The Holiday season is a time to appreciate our good fortune and spread cheer by sharing with others. This week we present a short list of groups that provide for those in need, and welcome your generous support.
Amnesty International
As part of its Write for Rights campaign, this year Amnesty International presents the cases of ten young human rights defenders whose peaceful activism has placed them at risk. Sarah and Seán, for instance, are currently facing 25 years in prison for helping migrants off the coast of Lesbos in Greece. Sarah herself fled war in Syria on a makeshift boat. To demonstrate your solidarity, and pressure Greek authorities, Amnesty International invites you to participate in its campaign with two simple actions: make a donation to Amnesty International to support its defence of the rights and freedoms of people like Sarah and Seán; and send an encouraging message directly to Sarah and Seán (
Info : 514 766-9766 |

Centraide of Greater Montreal
In Quebec, poverty is most prevalent in Greater Montréal: 53% of the province’s low-income people live here. Centraide is one of Montreal’s largest charities alleviating poverty and social exclusion. It redistributes resources throughout a network of 350 social organizations, each of which are profiled on its website. Charities are identified by variety of criteria, such as location and type of ​​intervention. These features make it easy for individuals and businesses to choose a cause. You can support organizations with a donation to Centraide or by volunteering your time, expertize or other business resources.
Info: 514 288-1261 |

Chic Resto Pop
Chic Resto Pop celebrated its 35th birthday last year with a Chic Gala, and still serves $4 meals for all. This organization’s most pressing need is money for building maintenance, and also to hire staff—the group has been understaffed for several years. Its annual fundraiser, scheduled for January 23, 2020, will present the theme of a World Gourmet Tour.
Info: 514 521-4089 |

Fondation Accueil Bonneau
The mission of Fondation Accueil Bonneau is to support the continuation of services at Montreal’s largest day centre. Each day, Accueil Bonneau opens its doors to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Its foundation relies on the generosity of individuals and corporate partners to ensure the sustainability of services and programs dedicated to housing and the social reintegration of the homeless. You can donate to the Fondation Accueil Bonneau here:

Info: 514 845-1565 |

MADD Canada
The mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to end impaired driving and support the victims of this crime. From November 1 to January 6, as part of Project Red Ribbon, volunteers and partners will distribute millions of red ribbons across the country. Attached to a car or a key ring, the red ribbon is a pledge of sober driving during the holiday season, and a tribute to victims who have been killed or injured by impaired driving. Red ribbons can be obtained from the organization’s website. To donate $10 to the campaign, text “RIBBON” at 45678.
Info: 877 392-6233 |

Mission Old Brewery
The Mission aims to end chronic homelessness in Montreal. Founded in 1889, it offers emergency services in a warm and friendly environment every day of the year. It is the largest resource for homeless men in Quebec and for homeless women in Canada. The public can help in several ways: by organizing groups to volunteer as part of a fundraising event, like a group dinner experience; by serving meals; or through a financial donation. The Mission’s new web platform makes participation easy.
Info: 514 788-1884 |

Moisson Montréal
Moisson Montréal redistributes 15 million kilograms of food each year through a large support network which includes more than 250 accredited community organizations on the island of Montreal. It collects food donations and essentials throughout the year. Cash donations are also essential to help sustain the organization. To accomplish its mission, Moisson Montreal also needs 85 volunteers every day.
Info: 514 344-4494 |

Operation Red Nose
The organization recruits volunteers—drivers, escorts, and motorized escorts—to accompany people home and prevent impaired driving. They also raise funds for organizations dedicated to youth and amateur sport. The Volunteer Recruitment Campaign begins on November 6, and the escort service will run from November 29 to December 31, inclusively.
Info: 514 982-3437 |

Simplyk helps organizations leverage their impact with a 100% free, web-based fundraising platform. At Simplyk, organizations receive donations, showcase their fundraising campaigns, recruit volunteers, and keep all sums raised. Three thousand organizations collect donations and recruit volunteers on the platform. New this year, a free box office—an “eventbrite” for organizations—is available on their website, free of charge.
Info :

Fondation Tel-jeunes
Established in 2009, Fondation Tel-jeunes ensures the continuation and promotion of two help lines: Tel-jeunes and LigneParents. These two front-line services offer young people and parents professional help and support service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout Quebec. Tel-jeunes services are offered by phone, text, email and chat, while LigneParents is accessible by phone and chat. More than 1,800,000 young people have used Tel-jeunes since its inception and more than 500,000 parents have benefited from the support of LigneParents. The Fondation Tel-jeunes accepts cash donations and volunteer involvement at fundraising events.
Info: 514 288-1444 |