South American Cuisine

March 8th, 2019

South American cuisine varies as widely as its climate and history: each region developed unique culinary traditions. Over the past five centuries, native foods like corn, potatoes, avocados, and chocolate combined with new ingredients and recipes from Europe, Asia and Africa. Montreal’s South American restaurants serve a range of dishes from spit-roasted or barbecued meats and marinated fish, to refined Nikkei cuisine, to street food like sandwiches and empanadas. Here’s a short list of addresses to find South American flavours in Montreal.


Late last year, Griffintown’s Hvor restaurant closed and Asado soon opened in its place. The new restaurant specializes in a traditional Argentinian cooking technique: flame-grilled dishes.
Info: 1414 Notre-Dame Street West | 514 937-2001 |

Chef Antonio Park’s restaurant serves creative, Argentinian-inspired cuisine with an emphasis on grilled fish and meat served in a dining room beautifully decorated with large plants.
Info: 374 Victoria Avenue, Westmount | 514 303-4123 |


This huge, traditional Brazilian churrasco restaurant serves a wide selection of charcoal-grilled meats in an all-you-can-eat formula. Their large dining room (with over 200 seats) provides ample space for lively performances by professional dancers. A large, 150-seat private room is available, along with a rooftop terrace. Milsa has two other locations, in the West Island and in Laval.
Info: 1476 Crescent Street | 514 985-0777 |

Rodizio Brasil
Located in a historic building in Old Montreal, Rodizio Brasil serves churrascaria with a buffet of salads, rice, beans, and fried potatoes. The bar serves caipirinha cocktails.
Info: 160 Notre-Dame Street East | 514 508-3883 |


Located in the heart of the Plateau, this small, relaxed daytime café and diner serves Chilean & Mexican empanadas as well as other house-made, traditional dishes.
Info: 130 Roy Street East | 514 286-6075 |

Barros Luco
The barros luco is a traditional sandwich made with slightly sweet bread garnished with beef, tomato, avocado, cheese and spicy salsa. This casual, 30-year-old café and bakery also makes empanadas, as well as fish and chicken dishes.
Info: 5210 Saint-Urbain Street | 514 270-7369 |


The stylish, contemporary Peruvian Nikkei restaurant Tiradito is located near the Quartier des spectacles, just south of Rene-Leveque Boulevard. Club Pelicano, downstairs, is a great place to start or finish your evening.
1076 De Bleury Street | 514 866-6776 |

Pikeos is la Nikkei restaurant located in bustling Saint-Henri. Peruvian-Japanese fusion dishes include tapas, bowls, and ceviche to be accompanied by a classic pisco sour.
Info: 4293 Notre-Dame Street West | 514 500-8788 |

Mochica is a refined, Peruvian cuisine restaurant which offers ceviche, tiraditos, fish and seafood, duck, braised lamb, llama and alpaca meat, with spices from Peru and meat from the Quebec terroir. Pisco and Peruvian wines are also on the menu.
Info: 3863 Saint-Denis Street | 514 284-4448 |

Nuevo Latino cuisine pioneer Mario Navarrete Jr. has two Madre restaurants where he offers bistro-style cuisine with Latin influences in a bring-your-own-bottle formula.
Info: 2931 Masson Street | 514 315-7932 |
124 Fleury Street West | 514 439-1966

Large portions of house-made fare are served at this casual, long-standing Mile-End restaurant. Affordable Peruvian dishes appear on a changing menu of fish, seafood, or meat.
Info: 5400 Saint-Laurent Boulevard | 514-272-8029


Arepas (corn flour rolls from Venezuela and Colombia) are served in a friendly and colourful dining room along with many other dishes, including several vegetarian and gluten-free options.
Info: 73 Prince Arthur Street East | 514 508-7267 |

This casual Venezuelan restaurant serves a wide selection of street foods: arepas, empanadas, soups and sandwiches.
Info: 3677 Saint-Laurent Boulevard | 514 227-4041 |

Cacique Grill
Cacique Grill owners want to introduce Montrealers to authentic Venezuelan street food like arepas, cachapas and salchipapas. This casual yet stylish restaurant is located at the corner of Mont-Royal Avenue and Saint-Laurent Boulevard.
Info: 1 Mont-Royal Avenue West | 514 439-7720 |

This bakery and café serves freshly made cachitos: a Venezuelan-style fast food sandwich which consists of a bun baked with ham, cheese, spinach or other fillings.
Info: 3 Sainte-Catherine Street East | 514-500-6259 |

Z Tapas
Located between Chinatown and the Quartier des Spectacles, Z Tapas Restaurant & Bar at Hotel Zero 1 serves sophisticated, Latin American-style tapas in a stylish setting.
Info: 1165 Saint-Laurent Boulevard | 514 903-4040 |