Escape with your friends

October 23rd, 2015

Escape games have spread far and wide in recent years, and several of these businesses have opened in Montreal. They offer a fun and original activity to enjoy with friends, or as a team building exercise with colleagues. Themes and scenarios vary, and many of them suit the Halloween season. Moreover, local Halloween events and celebrations provide other ideas for group outings. A thousand and one ways to feel thrills and chills!



Form a team and plan your strategy to solve one of four scenarios. Dynamic Duo can be played by 2 people: you will be handcuffed and blindfolded, then have to plot your escape. The Study is a longer-running, classic breakout game, for 2 to 4 players. You will have to collaborate to solve several puzzles in order to find the key that lets you out. The Trap, for 3 to 5 players, is a hybrid game in which you will investigate a crime scene which, as the name suggests, contains a trap. Their latest, Project X, is a different style of game, designed for 4 to 8players. In this scenario, you are a spy on a mission, so you can release your inner Jason Bourne. Finally, an immersive adventure game, Oblivion, will be launched in 2016.

Info: 514 523-2550 | 2025 Parthenais Street |



This real-time adventure game lets you choose one of three scenarios. Prison Break will transport you to Montreal's criminal underworld in the '20s, populated by mafia and corrupt police, in a story designed for 2 to 5 participants. The same number of players can try Scientist Lab, in which you join a military investigation to find an engineering professor. Or feel like a Canadian Indiana Jones in Lost Temple, a game for 2 to 4 players who lead an expedition to find a mystic idol. Each time, you must find clues, solve puzzles and work as a team to complete challenges leading to the game solution. But beware, all roads will not necessarily lead you to your goal - your path will be filled with false clues, misleading routes and dead ends. You will have no time to lose: play is timed, and the countdown begins as soon as you enter the room.

Info: 514 303-1616 | 3550 St-Jacques Street |



The largest escape game venue in downtown Montreal, Trapped proposes four themes, all conceived by a Japanese designer. Pyramid, set in Egypt, brings you face to face with the curse of the pharaoh, which made the previous team of players disappear. You will play in a group of 4 to 6 people to find your way to freedom. At the Hospital, you will play in a group of 2 to 6 people, trapped on a remote island, trapped in an abandoned hospital with a troubling past. Medieval Prison can be played by 4 to 8 people. You will represent 14th-century peasants unjustly sentenced to death. To escape hanging, you must decipher clues left by the previous occupant of your dungeon cell. Finally, Death Note turns you into an FBI agent. In a team of 2 to 5 players, you will investigate a mission in Japan, and also escape a trap that has been set for you.

Info: 514 525-6147 | 933 Ontario Street East |



Immersive adventures in the form of five different scenarios, each designed for 2 to 6 players, await you at Échappe-toi, which has just celebrated its first anniversary. First, Murder at Champlain TV asks you to solve the murder of a television host who died in the '70s on the set of her show. In The Locker Room, you will be locked up by a member of the opposing team and will have to escape in time to play your game. The Cursed Treasure of Hochelaga will set you on the trail of Jacques Cartier, where will have to search a shipwreck and solve an historical enigma without losing your head. In Prohibition, set in a bar during the Roaring Twenties, you will seek the truth about mysterious disappearances before it's too late. Finally, in Al Patraz, you will try to understand clues left by the famous outlaw of the same name, in order not to stop but to join him.

Info: 514 907-2200 | 2244 Larivière Street |



Three original adventures for 2 to 6 players are offered at Ezkapaz. In The Globe-Trotting Photographer, a private collector asks you to quickly locate, before the police arrive, a jewel in the studio of a famous photographer who disappeared without a trace. The Silver Dawn Society addresses the problem of cults. You have infiltrated the premises of an organization in order to find overwhelming evidence that can shed light on their criminal methods. Finally, the nostalgic game POP presents you with an original challenge by plunging you into the music, games, movies and video clips of the '80s and '90s.

Info: 514 844-4376 | 3955 St-Laurent Boulevard |



Trouvez la clé (Find the Key) offers interactive games inspired by the world of electronic games, ideal for groups of 6 players. Crime Scene transports you to the office of the legendary detective Hercule Poirot, who has disappeared. To avoid being charged with his murder, you must either solve the investigation, or find the key that will let you escape before police arrive. In War Zone, you are in 1942, fighting the enemy not with guns or bombs, but with your brain, by sabotaging their technology. The Illusionist asks you to enter the cursed workshop of a famous magician who disappeared during a show, while experimenting with teleportation. But beware, no one has ever emerged from this workshop... And finally, a new scenario with a pirate theme will be launched soon.

Info: 438 870-9410 | 1000 Amherst Street |



Breakout will open in November at Quartier Dix30 and offer 5 rooms with different themes and varying degrees of difficulty, to be played by teams of 2 to 8 people. You can discover the identity of a mysterious ventriloquist hidden behind his puppet, in Mr. Oswald's Greatest Show, or pursue a criminal magician in Chamber of Hocus. Amnesia strikes you in Project Fallout: you have no memory of the name of a weapon of mass destruction, about which you will be interrogated. You will survive a natural disaster in Dreadnought, in an alternative future where you follow a quest to a promised land. Finally, with The War of Rembrandt, set in 1942, you will play an ally of the Resistance, seeking to protect art and culture during World War II.

Info: 514 409-6052 | Quartier Dix30 – 6000 De Rome Boulevard #40, Brossard |


Also noted: The Old Port has two mazes for visitors to explore: Peur Dépôt, reserved for adults with steady nerves, and SOS Labyrinthe, recommended for families. Near the Quartier des Spectacles, for four nights only, Théâtre Ste-Catherine will host an interactive haunted house.



Montreal's famous Zombie Walk will celebrate its 5th anniversary this year, and stumble through downtown on October 31 in the afternoon, in addition to staging several activities at the Place des Festivals in the Quartier des Spectacles.
If you are more into ghostly spirits, Montréal Ghosts will offer a special Halloween version of their Ghost Hunt on October 30 and 31.
Are you seeking thrills? Head to La Ronde for their Fright Fest, which began at the start of October and continues until November 1. Haunted houses, a zombie trail and spooky nocturnal creatures, as well as many family-friendly activities, are on the program.
Adventurous adults will enjoy a lively screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Place des Arts on October 29, 30 and 31, or perhaps the 1st edition of the Malefycia Festival, from October 29 to November 1, at the Peel Basin.
Until November 1, The Great Pumpkin Ball is open daily at the Botanical Garden. This is a popular activity for families, because in addition to marvelling at hundreds of decorated pumpkins, they can attend short performances and play outside in the Little Monsters Playground. In addition, the Gardens of Light Festival illuminates the Chinese and Japanese gardens until November 1, and spiders will be under scrutiny at the Insectarium. You can easily find enough to fill a day at Montreal's Space for Life.
Squashes are also on display at Château Ramezay, with the exhibition Pick a Peck of Pumpkins which finishes on November 1.
The Stewart Museum offers original programming on October 30 with Ghosts of the Museum and special family activities over the weekend of October 31 and November 1.
At the Pointe-à-Callière Museum from October 24 to 31, Jack O' Lantern offers a theatrical tour for children, during which they will learn about the origins of Halloween.
Finally, for a more elegant Halloween, you could excite your palate at Le Fantôme restaurant, before attending a concert at La Maison Symphonique where Kent Nagano and the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal will celebrate Halloween with music.