Located at the corner of Bonsecours, near metro Champ-de-Mars

350 Saint-Paul Street East, Metro Champ-de-Mars | Montréal

Opening Hours

Daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Free admission


"Le Must" of any visit to Montréal!


A spectacular historical site: A stone’s throw away from Old Montréal’s Place Jacques-Cartier and over-looking the St-Lawrence River, Marché Bonsecours is considered to be one of the ten most beautiful heritage buildings in Canada. Built between 1845 and 1847, the Market has served as the United Canada House of Parliament, as City Hall and as the city’s main public market for nearly 100 years.

Fifteen upscale boutiques of Québec's finest designers and artisans

Marché Bonsecours has been entirely renovated and now houses the largest concentration of upscale boutiques dedicated to unique and original creations anywhere in the city: art, design, fashion, crafts, high quality reproduction of New-France furniture, jewelry and accessories, Inuit art. In fact, Marché Bonsecours is truly “le Must” for anyone looking to find a original souvenir, local designer’s fashions or a really special gift.

Other details

  • A Must-See: The boutique of famous art jeweller Jules Perrier.
  • To rent: Splendid reception halls for private or public events.
  • To try: Lunch or dine in one of our 3 restaurants and sidewalk cafés and enjoy the finest in local and regional cuisine!
  • Parking available on the street, or in the Chaussegros-de-Léry building near City Hall