Looking for an activity to enjoy with your family? With your significant other? On your own? In Montérégie, you are spoiled for choice! Whether you’re looking to get out for a few hours or to get away for a few days, no need to look too far to enjoy good times. Cultural activities, heritage gems, outdoor fun, bicycle tourism, festivals… Whatever your interests, in Montérégie, your day is sure to be just perfect.


Adventure and entertainment: Woah! With its incredible array of indoor and outdoor activities, Montérégie is just perfect! Come jump, climb, surf, explore colourful new worlds and discover amazing phenomena.

Health centres, spas: Need to unwind? Whether on a rooftop or in the heart of the countryside, let yourself be pampered and rejuvenate your body and soul. Ahhhhhh!


Wow! Our region is so rich in culture and history; do you not feel drawn to it? Local handicrafts, native customs and traditions, archaeology, exhibitions, sanctuaries, museums... a host of activities and experiences for young and old alike.


Outdoor activities: Let’s go play outside! Woo-hoo! With the countless parks and mountains found in the region for you to explore, there’s simply no reason to stay inside. Just pick an activity: hiking, biking, relaxing on the beach, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing... wait, what are you still doing inside?

Cycling: Alrighty! A 1,000-km cycling network including 600 km of bike paths; that’s a whole lot of bicycle circuits for you to discover! On the roads, in the mountains or even on the snow, explore trails that are sure to impress you. Check out our suggested itineraries on the Web to help you plan your next bicycle outing.

Nautical activities: Water points are everywhere to be found in Montérégie! Find your dream spot to go for a swim, enjoy a kayak outing, go on a cruise or simply enjoy a day at the beach. Get ready, set, jump in! Splash!


Fine dining: Mmmmmm! Ah, the fine dining in Montérégie! Come savour a good meal in one of the region’s many restaurants and country-style gourmet dining establishments.

Local products: Ta-dah! Welcome to the Garden of Québec! Come pick your own berries in the summer and apples in the fall. Grab the kids and come find your way out of a corn maze or enjoy a tractor ride in the orchard.

The Montérégie Wine Route and Cider Route: Drinking locally? Simply visit Montérégie! Come treat your taste buds to some exceptional products: ice ciders, sparkling wines, white, red or rosé wines, apple must, brandy... do you need more reasons to come over? Meet with local producers who will be more than happy to share their passion with you. Pop!

Sugar shacks: For dessert, indulge your sweet tooth in one of our scrumptious sugar shacks! Mmmmm the smell of meat pie and maple dumplings drizzled in maple syrup... Pssttt... We also have vegetarian menus.


Dance, sing and marvel at the colours of Montérégie as you move to the rhythm of its festivals and events, each more surprising than the last!


Zzzz zzz  Are you looking for the perfect place for an overnight stay? Our region provides several options for an unforgettable stay: original & unusual accommodations, warm & inviting inns, family campsites and modern hotels. But be warned, there is a good likelihood you’ll want to extend your stay.