Located at the foot of Saint-Laurent Blvd., corner de la Commune Street

St-Laurent Blvd and de la Commune St. | Montréal

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
The permanent exhibition rooms remain temporarily closed.

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Adult: $18.00
Teenager (13-17): $12.00
Child (3-12): $7.00
Senior (60+) $15.00
Family (2 adults + 2 children/teenagers OR 1 adult + 3 children/teenagers): $43.00

Exibition + 1 IMAX movie
Adult: $29.00
Teenager (13-17): $22.50
Child (3-12): $13.00
Senior (60+): $26.00
Family: $71.00

The permanent exhibition rooms remain temporarily closed. Wearing a mask or face covering mandatory. Online tickets only.


Dynamic, involving and exciting exhibitions show you how science and technology are shaping our lives. In stimulating surroundings, experiment the countless applications of scientific and technical progress, venture into the future and discover the impact of environmental issues through a hands-on approach, using interactive devices.


Feature exhibition - Journey to space
Discover how astronauts live - Until January 10, 2021. Embark on Journey to Space and learn all about it! Explore the life of astronauts in a fascinating interactive exhibition filled with amazing experiences. Walk through a full-sized reproduction of the International Space Station’s Destiny Lab and get a real feel for weightlessness as it rotates around you. Control a robotic arm, launch a rocket and experiment with objects trapped in a zero-pressure environment. You can even get a glimpse of what you’d look like as a Mars explorer and so much more! Come discover how astronauts live… it’s out of this world! 

New interactive exhibit - Explore
After delighting millions of visitors, the Science 26 exhibition gets a reboot! The Science Centre has reinvented the very best elements of this beloved exhibition in the all-new Explore, with over 50 interactives across seven zones filled with science and laughter. Explore air, code, matter, motion, geometry, light and water through many life-sized interactives that pull the entire body into the fun! Water tables, ferrofluids, microscopes, and an air labyrinth… not to mention robots to program, a giant bubble and a gigantic kaleidoscope you can step into! Come be surprised, astounded… and entertained! 
Water in the Universe
Combine two little hydrogen atoms with one oxygen atom and presto! You get water. That molecule is hardly insignificant cant: water in its liquid form is essential to life as we know it. That is why we are so eager to find water elsewhere in the Universe. Come and admire unique objects that bear witness to this quest.
Human The Future
A new zone was added to this very popular exhibition which was recently fully renovated. This new zone gives us a glimpse of what could be expected of the human being in the future. Designed by the Science Centre team, this exhibition will allow visitors to experience an interactive experience using several multimedia games that allow, among other things, the simulation of stem cell transplants or the integration of implants.

Fabrik - Creativity Factory
Enter into an imaginative workshop space where experimentation and inventiveness are your most important tools. "Fabrik" invites you to take on creative challenges involving invention and assembly-work using a variety of random pieces. Working alone or in teams, visitors of all ages must envision technological solutions and build them from the different odds and ends provided.  Derby cars, parachutes, catapults, floating vessels… the sky is the limit! It is a place to think, experiment, and, above all, have fun, because in "Fabrik," there is no such thing as a bad idea.
Monday to Friday : 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm / Saturday and Sunday : 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Clic! The Zone for Curious Young Minds
Clic! The Zone for Curious Young Minds is a discovery space designed especially for children aged 4 to 7 years old! In a fun environment, surrounded by shapes and colours, children can participate in building a house, designing a roller coaster, create forms and patterns, and mix colours. In exploring Clic!, young minds are initiated into the world of science, all the while having tons of fun!

IMAX® TELUS theatre:

Since February 23, 2017, the IMAX®TELUS theatre of the Montreal Science Centre has been equipped with the latest generation of IMAX laser projection as well as a new sound system. The theatre now offers the sharpest, brightest, most life-like digital images combined with an even more immersive 12-channel sound system. This system includes an additional 6new speakers on the ceiling and on the sides of the auditorium, for a truly visceral sound experience.

  • Superpower dogs
  • Great Bear Rainforest 3D