Located 15 min from downtown, Metro Pie-IX

4581 Sherbrooke Street East, metro Pie-IX | Montréal


New Insectarium under construction. Closed as of March 11, 2019.  A brand-new museum will welcome you in 2021, in an environnement that you'll experience as if you were an insect!


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Get to know nature’s champions at the Insectarium! Admire their delicate beauty, splendour and ingenuity. Kids are sure to be charmed by the live and naturalized insects. Discover the amazing diversity of insects and meet our enthusiastic nature interpreters, who will be happy to explain this fascinating and too-often misunderstood world.

Exhibitions and events

We Are the Insects

Did you know that insects are the most numerous and most diversified animals on the planet? Discover the fabulous story of these animals, which over time have cleverly adapted to all existing natural environments. Heroes of biodiversity and protectors of our planet’s health, insects are sure to win you over!

Insects on Tour
The Insectarium’s superheroes are eager to meet you in person! This is the time to discover their true colours. Ghost mantises that resemble dead leaves, stick insects from faraway lands and many other heroes await you.
Want to get up close and personal with them by holding them in your hands? Then join one of our experts in the We Are the Insects exhibition, where their super powers will be revealed!

Other details

  • Length of the visit: 1 hour
  • Rates include admission to the Botanical Garden
  • Packages available with the Biodôme, Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and Olympic Tower
  • Gift Shop (located at the Botanical Garden)
  • Pay parking on site