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Located at the centre of the Cité des arts du cirque, TOHU is a place for dissemination, creation, experimentation and convergence of culture, environment and community involvement. It has become an example of sustainable development through culture.


From : Cirque Alfonse

Date : From October 2 to 12, 2019

Following their successful first year at MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE in 2017, the energetic Cirque Alfonse is back home with Tabarnak. They’re fresh off a greatly successful international tour. The company invites us once again to take part in this festive, unrestrained event. The trad-rock musical fresco praises heaven and hell, as well as the church’s spirit of communion, and revisits the sacred in a delicious, irreverent way. With the liberating swear word “tabarnak”, the company holds an unbridled, surreal mass.

From the church basement to the nave, the altar and the choir, the iconoclastic Cirque Alfonse enter this symbolic space, giving it a revamp. Don’t miss the chance to see this production again in Montreal. It’s a show that people love for its devilish pace, its mockery and contagious happiness!


From : Circa

Dates : November 5 to 10, 2019

Circa takes us on a stirring journey of what it means to be human, with their acclaimed show, Humans. It explores the physical limits of their bodies. As they’re pushed to the extreme, 10 acrobats question how much we can take as humans. How much weight can we carry? Who can we trust to support our load? They invite us to reflect on our lives, our loved ones, the burdens we carry and the physical and emotional strength it takes to overcome them. The schow is created by Yaron Lifschitz. The stage is stripped bare to expose the vulnerability of a team of highly skilled acrobats. With incredible strength and integrity, they connect each moment seamlessly with the next in a thrilling and heartstopping performance. Following the great success of their shows performed at TOHU, including Beyond and Opus, the artists from Circa bring us an intense performance that combines acrobatics and contemporary dance. It’s a great honour to host this internationally renowned company.

Length: 70 minutes, no intermission


From: FLIP Fabrique

Dates: From December 17 to January 5, 2020

Blizzard, the newest FLIP Fabrique creation (Attrape-moi and Transit), is a guaranteed moment of pure wonder for young and old alike. In a soft winter-like atmosphere, the
Québec-city-based company brings us into a sublime journey that’s sure to impress. Like children in a snow storm, the audience will rediscover the joy and excitement that come
with those magical moments where play is king. Blizzard won’t blindside spectators, but rather reveal all the beauty that makes winter. This storm turns sky and ground into a
white blur, featuring acrobats and jugglers playing in snow and showing off their skills. It proves once again, through numerous feats, that they’re at the top of their game. The
show’s exceptional visual poetry will warm your heart and even make cold haters forget the torments of winter!

Length: 70 minutes, no intermission


From: Groupe acrobatique de Tanger

Dates : January 29 to February 9, 2020

Halka is a Moroccan art form that exists since the mists of time. It refers to the circle that the crowd creates around street performers. Groupe acrobatique de Tanger is deeply inspired by the age-old tradition. They want to take you on magical journey to the sunset country with their collective creation Halka. You’ll be immersed in the atmosphere and warm Moroccan colours with acrobatic feats of the 14 artists who execute distinctive Moroccan acrobatics and human pyramids, as well as e chanting songs and percussion sounds played by musicians. To tell their story, the acrobats use everyday objects like a belt made of scarves, the facha, a metal basin, the djefna, and plenty of sand. Let yourself be amazed by the overflowing energy of their multiple bodies, acrobatic and resonant, transcending geographical and cultural borders.

Length: 60 minutes, no intermission

Coups de coeur

From: la TOHU

Dates : February 18 to 29, 2020

This unmissable event for all circus aficionados is in its 5th year. It features a selection of the most talented artists from around the world. It’s a true celebration of the circus in all its forms. Each performance is both playful and highly emotional, and hosted by a colourful master of ceremonies. It emphasizes excellence, diversity and creativity. Carefully chosen acts are performed in their original format, following each other to make a fabulous portrait of contemporary circus. Incredible discoveries await, with impressive artists of diverse backgrounds.

Length: 80 minutes, no intermission

Tournoi de L'Impro Cirque

From : Les Improduits

Dates : March 12 to 14, 2020

The Impro Cirque tournament is 16 circus artists from here and abroad, along with 4 seasoned actors, who face off as teams, like an improv league—with wacky themes, a specific number of players and various categories. The 6th edition of this unusual tournament is an exceptional opportunity to witness their creativity and unparalleled skills in never before seen acts. Under the watchful eye of the referee, the performances will mix together circus, music, sports, dance and theatre. The outcome of the competition is truly in the audience’s hands: which team will win the tournament? Great circus and improv moments await!

Length: 120 minutes, with intermission


From:  Vaivén Circo

Dates : March 21 and 22, 2020

Esencial addresses transitions. Five characters who play and dream, and bring us along in their adventures across unexplored corners, where the best decision will ultimately be the simplest way. The spectacular scenography of the new Vaivén Circo show is inspired by Waldorf’s “rainbow”, a toy comprised of pillars and arches. The public witnesses an architecture that is evolving and able to reinvent itself, in the same way human beings seek progress. The scenography is poetic, creating a magical atmosphere, working with balance and subtilties that can make harmony turn into chaos in an instant.

Length: 50 minutes, no intermission


From: Les Foutoukours

Dates: April 8 to 13, 2020

In Glob, two sweet, intriguing characters seem to be waiting for something. But what? Will they find out where they are... or where they’re going? They perform flips and comedic gestures, evolving within an enchanting and visual universe, bathed in soft lighting. Les Foutoukours have come up with a lovely tribute to slowness, inspired by the confines of silent movies that require more physical acting and clarity of motion. They mix clown act, acrobatics and theatre in a family-oriented show that goes right to the heart. On Easter weekend, enjoy a magical surprising moment by the inseparable and endearing duo. This serene and human piece will bring a smile to your face and twinkles to your children’s eyes.

Length: 60 minutes, no intermission

Hotel Paradiso

From:  Familie Flöz

Dates: April 28 to May 3, 2020

What if you couldn’t smile, laugh, frown, or talk, and you had to communicate only with your body? Meet the virtuosic physical comedians of Familie Flöz, Germany’s favorite mask theatre troupe, who bring one hilarious character to life after another using only their body language. In the vein of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Familie Flöz’ actors bring us into the topsy-turvy universe of the Hotel Paradiso. Strange things happen at this former ski resort when a body is discovered... Clue meets Fawlty Towers with a harmless dose of the Shining in this outlandishly hilarious and macabre alpine tale.

Lenght: 80 minutes, no intermission

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