Located downtown, Metro Guy-Concordia

1444 Sherbrooke Street West | Montréal

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed Monday and Sunday
Appointments available

Methods of Payment

Major credit cards are accepted.


In existence for more then 50 years, Galerie Elca London has become renowned for its exclusive collection of Inuit masterworks.

Artists such as:

Kaka Ashoona • Kiawak Ashoona • Shorty Killiktee • Kunmwartok Mathew • Nuna Parr 
Lukta Qiatsuq • Munamee Shaqu • Lucy Tasseor • Charlie Ugyuk • Judas Ullulaq • Pauloosie Takpani


• Selection of carvings, graphics and tapestries
• Price range: $50.00 and up
• Merchandise delivered to hotel (no charge)
• Merchandise shipped world-wide
• Owner:  Mark London